Be-two Be-Two


  • الهدف من الموقع: زواج عادي
  • دولة الاصل: روسيا
  • دولة الإقامة: روسيا
  • العمر: 28-32
  • الحالة الاجتماعية: اعزب
  • هل لديك اطفال: لا
  • التعليم: تعليم جامعي
  • المهنة: غير ذلك

بيانات خاصة

  • لون العين: رمادي
  • لون الشعر: بني
  • لون البشرة: ابيض
  • الطول: متوسط
  • الوزن: عادي

طريقة التواصل مع الاخرين


معلومات الاتصال

  • البريد الالكتروني: **********

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تحدث عن نفسك:

Hello, I'm a young woman which wishes to meet the person for acquaintance and the further development of serious relations and a joint residence and creations of a safe family. I sociable enough and versatile, i like to go with friends on rest on weekends but basically weekends I spend with parents because so I have turned out that at them the only child. But time goes and consequently I wish to find the happiness for a life and love therefore I hope for reciprocity and understanding. For me the main thing is honesty, an openness and sincerity and the distance is not so important because I trust that it cannot hinder for strong and long relations.

اوصف الشخص اللذي تبحث عنه:

I wish to meet here understanding, decent man with whom I could spend time and take pleasure interestingly always and certainly for a joint life